Principles-Driven Coaching

We offer principles-driven coaching services because we believe in it's power and it's rightness. When the world feels upside-down, the work feels urgent, and the path forward is uncertain, we need a guiding light to act as our northstar. Principles are our values translated into action and if we keep returning to what we believe in at our core, we can't get lost. 

Flexible Options


Inspire to Change offers three kinds of coaching to help you and your organization meet your goals: 1:1, Team:Team, and Network Coaching. We can pair you with one of our coaches, pair your team with a team of Inspire to Change coaches, or work with people from your entire organizational ecosystem.

Collective change begins with you. Explore principles-based strategies for change with Nora Murphy Johnson, A. Rafael Johnson, or another member of the Inspire to Change team. Our network of coaches includes experts in the arts, community engagement, leadership, equity, creativity, medicine, and data. 1:1 Coaching packages start at $300 a month.

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Collective change requires teamwork. Inspire to Change can help your team develop a common vision and guiding principles, and then embody your ideas throughout your organization through strategic planning, organizational alignment, and evaluation plans that honor relationships and complexity. We customize our coaching teams to balance our collective expertise and interest with your goals. Team:Team coaching packages start at $3000 a month.

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Collective change requires systemic engagement. Inspire to Change can work with grantmakers, nonprofits, and communities to develop an evaluation and engagement plan that helps your entire philanthropic ecosystem make informed decisions, plus the capacities to put your plan into action. Before we begin Ecosystem Coaching, we will work closely with you to understand your needs, current capacities, and budget. 


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