We have many ways to engage with you to co-create a more whole, beautiful and just world--teaching & coaching, facilitating & convening, and research & evaluation. All of our work is customized for you, and driven by our guiding principles: be & become, remember & create, learning & unlearn, disrupt & liberate. Read more about our services below.

We provide individual, group, and team-based coaching on topics related to creativity, engagement, evaluation, principles-driven work, and healthy changemaking.

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We facilitate learning, evaluation, and research processes so you can learn what matters, in real-time, and maximize your contributions to a whole, beautiful, and just world. 

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We gather people to experience and explore Creative Evaluation and Engagement and our guiding principles through full-sensory, embodied, and arts-based experiences. We both host our own events and can host yours.

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We offer in-person and online workshops and courses (both in-person and online, synchronous and asynchronous related to embedding equity, creativity, engagement, evaluation, principles-driven work, and healthy changemaking.) 

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Services. We provide the following services: teaching & coaching, facilitating & convening, research & evaluation, strategic planning, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


Clients. All of our partners share one thing in common--they are committed to co-creating a whole, beautiful, and just world.

Areas of Specialization. While we work across a wide range of initiatives, we particularly specialize in the topics listed to the right.


Inspire to Change and the CE&E process supports changemakers personally, professionally, as well as teams, organizations, and initiatives who want to engage in principles-driven learning and evaluation. We have locally, nationally, and globally with nonprofits, school districts, museums, foundations, and cross-sector initiatives. The logos below represent some of our current and recent clients.


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