Our Services

We have many ways to engage with you to co-create a more whole, beautiful and just world--teaching & coaching, facilitating & convening, and research & evaluation. All of our work is customized for you, and driven by our guiding principles: be & become, remember & create, learning & unlearn, disrupt & liberate. Read more about our services below.

Teaching & Coaching

Organizational Coaching

We coach teams to develop a common vision and guiding principles and then embody these ideas throughout their organizations and social change work.

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching locates leadership not as a position, but as behavior that can show up anywhere in an organization or community.

Strategic Planning

We lead strategic planning processes that bring roots, mission, vision, principles, and strategies into alignment. We then help you and your team develop a learning and evaluation plan.

Facilitating & Convening

Creative Engagement

We design Creative Engagement processes that honor the whole person including heart, mind, body, and spirit, to build and deepen relationships, and to support change and changemakers.


We convene changemakers locally, nationally, and across the globe for successful, co-creative, and sustainable social change. Our convening vary in content and location, and can last from 1-day to 2-weeks.


We lead workshops on principles-driven work, creative evaluation, and creative engagement. You can see us at national conferences, including the American Evaluation Associaiton, and Datum, or hire us to lead customized workshops.

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Research & Evaluation

Creative Evaluation

We facilitate Creative Evaluations of projects, programs, and systems-change initiatives that weave together developmental evaluation, principles-focused evaluation, and arts-based methods.

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Research on Ecosystem Transformation

Our Theory of Ecosystem Transformation has five elements that help us take wise actions and direct our paths. We conduct ongoing research to further develop and adapt our theory.

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Creative Research

Creative Research is research conducted in a way that honors the whole person. It focuses on the what is meaningful to people in their own words, and understanding key concepts from their perspective. 

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