Position Descriptions: Starting With Poetry by Nora Murphy Johnson

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2019

As an infant company, we're in the process of developing our structure, roles, and position descriptions. Sandy Agustin led our team through an "I am" poetry writing exercise, creating the time and space for us to imagine our ideal positions. It was touching and inspiring to hear each other's poems, to understand the gifts each of us brings to the table, and the change we want to be a part of in the world.

There will be time to write traditional position descriptions. I have no doubt that they will be more creative, robust, and inspiring because we started from the heart. Because we started with a creative process.

Below is my "I am" poem, my vision as president co-owner of the company.




I am. By Nora Murphy Johnson

I am

opening spaces and opportunities

holding a vision that has energy


I am shining my light and helping others shine their light.

I am inspiring and inspired.

I am connected and build connections.

I am fierce.


I am bringing people into the work

an attractor and an activator

a space holder who reads and follows energy

I help create things that weren’t there before


Every day is different

I feel the sun on my skin


I am working people who

have deep souls and bright inner light

are absurdly talented

get shit done


I am working with

whole people

who make this world more

whole, beautiful, and just



I am motivated by



My ancestors


I am motivated by

Be & Become

Remember & Create

Learn & Unlearn

Disrupt & Liberate


By the idea of a more whole, just, and beautiful world for the people I love







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