Abbey Ogg, Social Media Coordinator

Hi! I’m Abbey Ogg, the Social Media Coordinator at Inspire to Change. I am a student at Central High School in Minnesota. I connected with Inspire to Change through my advocacy for pollinator protection and against climate change. I am passionate about removing systemic racism and biases from ourselves and our society, defeating climate change, and the uplifting of oppressed people everywhere. I believe in bringing people into these discussions, and talking through problems rather than fighting through them. I enjoy learning about the vast range of stories, cultures, and places our world has to offer us. I am a big reader, some of my all-time favorite books being The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Dear Martin by Nic Stone, and any and all of the Calvin And Hobbes books by Bill Watterson. That is a very, very shortened version of that list. I also really enjoy music. I play the piano and the ukelele and am hoping to be able to learn the guitar soon. I play soccer for my school and...

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