Inspired Beginnings

#announcement #nmj Aug 23, 2019
Dear friends, family, and colleagues:
I posted a few weeks ago on social media that I wanted to do soul-driven social change work as a teacher and a healer. So what does that mean to me?
I want to do work that is whole and driven by love, that can help others experience wholeness and love. These might sound like soft ideas. Easy ideas. Frivolous ideas. But they aren’t. For some of us, choosing love over fear is hard. Choosing love over hate is hard. Believing that we are worthy of love just because we exist is hard. Loving ourselves unconditionally is hard. For some of us, it’s easier to fragment ourselves than to feel shame and disappointment. It’s hard to heal traumas from the past, and traumas that are still happening. It’s hard to show our full selves knowing that we might be rejected.
I want to do work that treats the personal and professional as inter-related and entangled. Yes, healthy...
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