Inspire to Change’s 6 Favorite Event Venues: SouthEastern USA Edition

Recently, a new client asked us for a list of suggested event venues for an upcoming convening. Their criteria included BIPOC-owned, reasonably priced, retreat-like feel, grounded in place and/or history, and environmentally friendly.


This brought up a larger question for us: what does it mean to host and be hosted? When we plan events (from internal team meetings to multi-day international conferences) we think about how space becomes a container for possibility. Content matters, but so does the ability to feel comfortable and relaxed, to meet in small groups and large, to connect with nature, the arts, and community, sustainable practices, and support for like-minded businesses and organizations. While this sounds like a tall order, it’s really an opportunity to put our money where our mouth is - to leverage our collective economic power towards our guiding principles. 


Since this particular client also asked for a warm-weather venue, this post will focus...

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