What is Creative Engagement? By Sandra Agustin

How do people interact with a curious spirit of play? How do people learn and stay open to multiple perspectives? How do we remember?

These are questions I've posed ever since being a solo professional dancer and choreographer. I knew creative play and movement had immense potential to get people out of their usual habits and to breathe deeper, and I had a theory that engaging mind AND body would help us remember better and perhaps longer. 

Trained in the Alwin Nikolais aesthetic of modern dance, a major theme was improvisation, taking ideas from the audience to inform the dances, on the spot. I appreciated these exercises so much more than just performing as it left people seemingly more engaged, remembering what happened and more likely to have enjoyed the experience of this thing called 'dance'. Performing for other people over time seemed less and less interesting or impactful. 

All of my produced events would from then on incorporate folks engaging with movement,...

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