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Hi, everyone! I'm excited to tell you about the new course I'm creating. Stay tuned for updates via our newsletter and social media.



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With Awakening Comes Responsibility By Nora Murphy Johnson

Inspire to Change’s mission is to support purpose-driven change and changemakers around the globe. I count myself in this group--someone who has drive and passion about contributing to a more whole, beautiful, and just world.

This is what I know about myself now: I am blessed with intelligence--intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. People are drawn to me for reasons I sometimes don’t understand. I am a caretaker with a strong sense of responsibility and a healer whose heart aches for and with those in pain. These are amazing gifts! But they are gifts that I did not recognize or honor eight years ago. Before I could be a purpose-driven changemaker, I had to return to myself.

Journal Entry: October 2012

I realized today--with sickening clarity--that instead of letting my higher purpose guide me, I am living a life built on obligations. (I’m not exaggerating. The clarity with which I see this now is actually making me feel a bit sick to my stomach.)  The...

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Waking Lumina: A Personal Principles-Focused Evaluation Framework by Nora Murphy Johnson

I met Michael Quinn Patton in 2012 and spilled out my life story, not unlike I will do with you in the chapter I've shared at the end of this post. At the end of our second meeting, he asked if I’d be interested in working on a project with him—a developmental evaluation with six agencies that serve youth experiencing homelessness and a local family foundation. Um, yes? This developmental evaluation became a principles-focused developmental evaluation and it changed my life.

I had been practicing evaluation since 2003 and for the first time, I realized that I could evaluate in harmony with personal values. I could bring my personal and professional selves into greater alignment and wholeness. Read more about this journey in a chapter I wrote for Patton's book "Principles-Focused Evaluation: The GUIDE."

My chapter: Waking Lumina: A Personal Principles-Focused Evaluation Framework.

It's deeply personal and--as a trigger warning--talks about the death of my oldest child.


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Eval Cafe Episode 32: Evaluation Games With Friends

“What does evaluation offer and what does evaluation need in times of great uncertainty and injustice?” Nora Murphy Johnson and A. Rafael Johnson from Inspire to Change and Chris Corrigan from Harvest Moon Consulting talk about certainty and uncertainty, arts-based evaluation, transformation, and grant cycles. 


Eval Cafe Episode 32

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Eval Cafe Episode 21: Evaluating From The Heart

Nora talks about evaluation for healing and change, evaluation as sacred work and a noble calling, and the original Creative Evaluation Cohort. This episode includes a discussion centered around the death of a young child, as well as the effects of systematic racism.


Eval Cafe Episode 21


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