Remembering: An Inspire to Change Harvest Poem

#remember Oct 14, 2019

This harvest poem from the Inspire to Change gathering on Aug. 2, 2019, captures the essence of our pre-launch planning with our trusted friends and colleagues. 


Again and again

Regenerating, again

Retiring…a whole new set of all-weather radials

Reversing into flow

Respecting what was and still is of value

Remembering what’s been pulled apart

Restoring to bring old wisdom into new contexts

Reorienting sheer will toward shared ways

Reminding to let the soul drive our days

Releasing into gentleness

Reorganizing for creative freedom

Relating – body, soul, and mind

Rewriting with two-eyed seeing

Reclaiming words through their living

Regifting what’s been given

Reconditioning to stop on each terrace, noticing life

Reflecting on the questions that call us back

Retreating in one another, always

Refreshing colors dulled by weight

Rehearsing in emergence to recreate experience

Recircling around fire

Reacknowledging the land

Reviving through...

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