Navigating Uncertainty: Theory + Practice = Praxis by Wendy Morris

Last month I was in London at Roffey Park Institute, a research-based center for leadership and organizational development, as part of the facilitation team for the 54th cohort of the Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) certification program. In these increasingly unpredictable and complex times, when the chaos can feel bigger than we can handle, it helps to have a solid praxis – an integrated base of theory and practice – that enables us to more effectively adapt and innovate. Rooted in chaos and complexity theory, HSD offers models to recognize patterns in the midst of the mess, and methods to act and shift systems that we can’t predict or control.


Our HSD Institute team convened in the UK with 31 participants from 18 countries for the foundation week of a four-month program of face-to-face and online learning. Through this program we support those in the work of making change, resolving conflict, or helping groups and individuals thrive in uncertainty.



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