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Cohort FAQs

General questions

How can I contact Inspire to Change?
Who and what is Inspire to Change?
Where is Inspire to Change Based?
How do I know that this is not a scam?
How does it work?
Do you offer degrees?
What type of qualification will I receive?
Will this get me a job?
Do I get credits for completing this course?
Are your certificates internationally recognized?
Where can I find GetSmarter login URLs?

Financial Questions

How much does it cost?
What are the payment options?
I have paid my first installment, am I able to change my payment plan?
How can I make payment?
Do you offer scholarships?
What is your cancellation and refund policy?
I have completed my cancellation form, when will I receive my refund?
I have tried to make payment through the online payment portal, however, I received an error message. How do I resolve this?
Have you received my payment?

Content Questions

Who designs these courses?
I have paid for my course, what is the next step and when will I receive my login details?
When will I receive my course material?

Enrollment Questions

How do I get started?
Is my place secured on the course?
Am I able to cancel or defer my registration?

Student Support Questions

What kind of support will I get during the course?
Are there any due dates, and how flexible is the course at accommodating my schedule?
Where can I find the Inspire to Change app for mobile?
How do I access content that is not available on the app?
How do I view the downloadable documents?
How often should I synchronize the app?
Will the app allow me to receive notifications on my mobile device?
How can I request an extension for an assignment or quiz in the app?
How can I update my profile information in the app?
How can I synchronize the mobile app with my profile?

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