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Journey to Togetherness:

A 90-Day Transformative Cohort Experience

The "Journey to Togetherness: A 90-Day Transformative Cohort Experience" The "Journey to Togetherness: A 90-Day Transformative Cohort Experience" is designed to empower individuals and teams to harness the power of collective potential and drive transformative change through internal, contextual, and relational shifts, leveraging the Togetherness Practice.


We are inviting you into a deep inquiry about who you are, who you may become, and the ways in which you may want to be, behave, think, or feel differently as you become


We can reach back as far as our ancestors and look forward as far as our descendants as we remember what was and create what’s possible

Intentionally Biased

We are unapologetically feminist and anti-racist. We want to help you disrupt systems of oppression as you move towards liberatory elation


We all have things to learn and unlearn. Once we start identifying and leaning into those (un)learnings, we change in ways we could not have imagined or anticipated

collaborative nature and the dynamic interaction between participants. When facilitated well, the cohort model leverages the collective energy, intelligence, and experience of the group, creating a dynamic learning environment that can significantly enhance both personal and professional development.


Here are five things we love about cohort learning:


#1 Community Building. Cohorts foster a sense of community among participants, which can enhance the learning experience. The feeling of being part of a group working toward similar goals can lead to a higher level of engagement and a sense of belonging.


#2 Diverse Perspectives. Members of a cohort often come from varied backgrounds and bring different experiences, knowledge, and viewpoints to the table. This diversity can enrich discussions and lead to a deeper understanding of the material through multiple perspectives.


#3 Support and Encouragement. Cohort members support each other's learning and progress. This peer support can be motivational and can often help individuals overcome challenges they might struggle with in isolation.


#4 Accountability. Cohorts create an environment of mutual accountability. Knowing that others are invested in your progress can motivate participants to stay on track with their learning objectives.

#5 Real-world Application. Cohort learning often encourages the application of theoretical concepts to real-world situations, which can be greatly enhanced by the diverse experiences of cohort members.

Your Commitment to Us

Coaching is about relationships, and we ask the following commitment of you. Again, these commitments were inspired by Nora Murphy Johnson’s wellbeing research (see above). Notice that we don’t ask you to do anything specific other than to show up with openness, and to continue showing up even when it gets hard

Say yes and return to yes

Say yes to exploring the profound connection between how your relationship with yourself deeply influences the way you are in the world. Return to “yes” by choosing to continue the exploration

Experience and be open to new relational possibilities

Experience and be open to new possibilities in your relationships with self and others, with your daily work, and with the work of changemaking in general

Our Intended Outcomes

We hope that a coaching relationship with an Inspire to Change team member will result in the following shifts:

Discovering and accepting your whole self by focusing more attention on awareness and presence and less on self-judgment.

Moving towards greater inner wholeness by integrating fragmented parts of yourself and creating the space to grow more fully and deeply into your whole selfhood

Bringing your whole healed self to your work in a way that fosters curiosity, openness, vulnerability, and a stronger sense of purpose

Aligning inner wellbeing and outer action including finding relief and healing from burdens while allowing more time to practice active empathy, celebrate, laugh, dream, create, and relax

Building proficiency in reflection, reframing, questioning, problem-solving, planning, and time management

Deepening emotional intelligence and inspiring creative thinking

Our vision is a whole, beautiful, and just world. We, as changemakers, must take care of ourselves and each other if we are to realize this vision. Care can take a lot of forms. One of the forms it takes at Inspire to Change is coaching. We are not coaches in the traditional sense—we are not going to help you be stronger, faster, or more efficient. Instead, we think of coaching as creative navigation: We journey with people and organizations as they find their true north. It’s about helping people get where they want to go while recognizing that this often means changing something from within in the process.


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