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Advocates: Supporting and defending causes and rights

Updated: Feb 28

In this blog series, we’ll dive into the 22 changemaker roles. Each of these roles plays a part in driving transformation and working towards a just world in their unique way. We share them to help you discover your own role as a changemaker because supporting changemakers around the globe means creating a more whole, beautiful, and just world.



Have you ever witnessed someone stepping forward, even in the face of adversity, to champion the rights of others?

These individuals can’t walk past an injustice without feeling the urge to act. Their hearts beat to the rhythm of fairness, equality, and justice, and they’re relentless in their pursuit of liberation. These are the changemakers known as advocates.

About the Advocate

Driven by an innate passion and a deep sense of duty, advocates are not just bystanders. They’re active participants in life, always ready to challenge the status quo.

What’s unique about them is their ability and desire to see beyond the surface to understand the roots of issues and confront them head-on. Their determination is fueled by empathy, a genuine concern for others’ well-being, and a vision of a more equitable world.

But what is it that truly pushes an advocate to step up? It’s a combination of their personal experiences, their shared stories with those they stand up for, and a relentless belief that change is possible. Every advocate carries a story—a moment that catalyzed their journey, be it an encounter with injustice, a personal setback, or a tale of hope they once heard.

In a world filled with complexities and layers of bureaucratic tape, advocates are the ones who cut through the noise. They spotlight issues many choose to ignore and champion causes that might otherwise go unnoticed. Without advocates, many transformative changes in our societies would remain mere ideas. They bring those ideas to the forefront, transforming them into movements—eventually leading to change.

Every time a marginalized voice finds representation, every time an unjust policy is reformed, and every time communities come together to demand their rights, there’s often an advocate working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Their contributions are unique, stemming from their ability to rally people, create awareness, and influence change. They challenge us, inspire us, and, most importantly, remind us of the power each one of us holds to make the world a better place.

Inner Work for the Advocate

It’s not just about the work we do in the world. All changemakers have inherent value and are worthy of attention and care. With that said, for an advocate to truly make a difference, inner work is crucial over time.

Advocates carry the weight of societal injustices, tirelessly championing the rights and justice of affected individuals. The amount of empathy required in their role often carries an emotional toll, which is why implementing emotional vitality is important.

Emotional vitality is the ability to experience and express a wide range of emotions in a healthy and balanced way. It’s about having a strong emotional well-being and resilience so you can navigate through life’s challenges, setbacks, and positive experiences with self-awareness and emotional intelligence. 

People with high emotional vitality typically have the ability to manage stress effectively, cope with difficulties, and maintain a positive outlook on life. It’s not about avoiding negative emotions but having the emotional flexibility to process and respond to them in a constructive way. Emotional vitality is often associated with overall mental well-being and can contribute to a more fulfilling and satisfied life.

By honing emotional vitality, advocates can traverse the rigorous landscape of their work without succumbing to emotional fatigue, ensuring they remain effective and emotionally balanced in their roles.


Let’s recognize, celebrate, and support the advocates among us because they are the changemakers who fight for the rights of others and push for a more equitable world.


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