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We're proud of our team. We are committed to coaching, and supporting social change leaders engaged in personal and professional development, evaluation, and learning. We aspire to build a web of support that is restorative and inspiring, both personally and professionally, and centering individual work inside collective work.

Nora Murphy Johnson, PhD, President and CEO

Nora Murphy Johnson is a teacher, coach, healer, and evaluator for soul-driven change work. Top 3 coaching topics: 1) helping you identify and live into your personal, professional, and organizational guiding principles, 2) developing principles-driven strategic visions for social change, developing principles-driven arts-infused learning and evaluation plans (Creative Evaluation & Engagement). 

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Murphy Johnson's Bio

A. Rafael Johnson, MFA, Vice President

A. Rafael "Andy" Johnson works in arts-based evaluation and applied neuroaesthetics, using his background in the arts to transform what we find valuable, beautiful, and memorable into data useful for decision making. Johnson brings 30+ years of experience in the arts, administration, and activism to Inspire to Change. Johnson began his career as a musician, and published his first novel in 2017. 

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Johnson's Bio

Sandra Agustín, Director of Creative Engagement

Sandy Agustín has an extensive history of arts, social and racial justice and leadership. She is a native Minnesotan, the youngest child of a Filipino immigrant and 5th generation Euro-Minnesotan. Since the age of 9, she has professionally performed and taught dance. Sandy has experience as an arts administrator, director, program officer, and choreographer. She recently co-founded Theatre 55.

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Agustín's Bio

Janeen Manuel, Writing and Research

Janeen Manuel has a background in human development, public health research, and nursing. Her interests include research and writing on topics such as holistic health and well-being, best practices in education and child development, and family stress and coping. She also enjoys helping others feel empowered to create change in their own lives and in the world. Janeen is the proud parent of a young adult change-maker, and believes she has learned more about mutual respect and wholeness from parenthood than from any formal schooling she’s ever received. 

Abbey Ogg, Social Media

Abbey is a student at Central High School in Minnesota. She is an avid soccer player, learner and reader. She enjoys playing with her dog, watching movies, hiking, and cooking delicious and nutritious food. She is passionate about removing systemic racism from our societies, defeating climate change, and seeing real steps towards justice for oppressed and unfairly deprecated groups. 

Christina "CJ" Jimenez, Administrative Assistant

Christina is an instructional designer, educator, small business owner, and virtual assistant. I am passionate about designing learning experiences for the secondary and adult learner, decompartementalizing secondary education, collaborating with organizations to make them more agile, and sharing knowledge of the African diaspora through travel to/from/throughout the mother continent and the world.

Jimenez Bio

Nancy Plaskett, Evaluation Coordinator

Nancy Plaskett has a variety of career and personal experiences in public education, community partnerships, social and cultural research and evaluation, and nonprofit leadership.  The through line to all her pursuits is to build authentic relationships, deeply understand people and programs, and generally “do more good” in the world—all with the goal to continue to grow and evolve individually and collectively with others.  Nancy is an avid reader, book-clubber, arts-goer, and foodie, and serves on the PIE Org Board of Directors.

Heid Erdrich, Consultant

Heid (Ojibwe/Turtle Mountain) is an author and educator who has been a non-profit consultant in the areas of organizational narrative for thirteen years. She serves on the board of Native American Community Development Institute and has worked with NACDI on placemaking and community strength through arts for ten years. Heid regularly consults with Minnesota Humanities Center to help educators work for equity through narrative change using an Indigenous-first approach. "In all things, I start with considering Native history and presence and Indigenous values connected to place." 


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