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We hope that a coaching relationship with an Inspire to Change team
member will result in the following shifts:

Discovering and accepting your whole self by focusing more attention on awareness and presence, and less on self-judgment.

Moving towards greater inner wholeness by integrating fragmented parts of yourself and creating the space to grow more fully and deeply into the whole selfhood. 

Bringing your whole healed self to your work in a way that fosters curiosity and openness, vulnerability, and a stronger sense of purpose.

Aligning inner wellbeing and outer action, including finding relief and healing from burdens while allowing more time to practice active empathy, celebrate, laugh, dream, create, and relax. 

Building proficiency in reflection, reframing, questioning, problem-solving, planning, and time management.

Deepening emotional intelligence and inspiring creative thinking.

Our vision is a whole, beautiful, and just world. We, as changemakers, must take care of ourselves and each other if we are to realize this vision. Care can take a lot of forms. One of the forms it takes at Inspire to Change is coaching. We are not coaches in the traditional sense—we are not going to help you be stronger, faster, or more efficient. Instead, we think of coaching as creative navigation: We journey with people and organizations as they find their true north. It’s about helping people get where they want to go while recognizing that this often means changing something from within in the process.


Types of Coaching Relationships

Different people and groups benefit from different types of coaching relationships. We offer the following:

Individual coaching

Individual Coaching

1:1 Get targeted support by signing up for 1:1 individual coaching. You will have private sessions coaching between yourself and an Inspire to Change team member

Group coaching

Group Coaching

Harness the power of the group by signing up for small group coaching with other changemakers. You will participate in sessions including yourself, an Inspire to Change team member, and up to ten other changemakers

Team coaching

Team Coaching

Bring coaching to your organization or initiative. We can work with groups from 2 to 200 to help your organization or initiative take your work to the next level of alignment, learning, adaptation, and embodiment



We believe that transformation change requires alignment, learning, adaptation, and embodiment

Transformation as infinite aligning, adapting, embodying, and learning


Align mission, vision, assumptions, values, guiding principles, and learning purpose–rooted in place–with attention to language, power, and perspectives


Develop further by adapting action plans, learning plans, and resources, while moving from one adjacent possibility to the next


Develop and implement interdependent action and learning plans with shared inquiry questions, co-created methods, and sensemaking. Make sense of learnings and reflections


Embody the commitment to full-sensory knowing, relationships, and care. Then begin again, a changed person in a changed place

Specific services include the following:

Alignment of Mission, Vision, and Values

Board Development

Creative Engagement

Creative Evaluation

Developing Principles of Data Use

Embedding and Embodying Equity (IDEA)

Evocative Facilitation for Transformation

Guiding Principles Development

Restorative Circles for Healing and Hope

Strategic Adaptation

Strategic Planning


Theory of Transformation Development

to see our full list of consulting services and to learn more about

how we facilitate these engagements



We bring engaging, educational content through short form videos, long form courses, tutorials, how-to lessons, and more, covering every topic you’ve ever wondered about (and many you never thought you’d wonder about) related to alignment, learning, adaptation, and embodiment

We offer two types of courses

Online courses

Online Self-Paced Classes

 These online self-paced classes let you move through the content in your own time

Instructor-supported courses

Online Instructor-Supported Classes

These online classes ask you to do one lesson per week at your own pace while contributing to online discussions

We will be offering the following courses during 2022-2023

Learning and Leading in Complexity: Developmental Evaluation

Learning on Purpose: Utilization-Focused Evaluation

Moving Beyond Words: Arts-Based Evaluation

Following the Northstar: Principles-Focused Evaluation

Creative Evaluation Essentials

Evaluation for Wellbeing


Join our free, online Mighty Network to connect with other changemakers, access resources, and learn about online and in-person events.


Speaking Engagements

Co-founders Nora Murphy Johnson, PhD and A. Rafael Johnson, MFA are sought after speakers on wellbeing, creativity, and learning for transformative change. Their speaking style is authentic, passionate, empowering, and honest. Murphy Johnson, and Johnson can be booked for sharing a keynote, facilitating a workshop, being interviewed for a podcast, or speaking on a panel.

For more information and speaker prices, email

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