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Truth, Beauty & Justice



Inspire to Change, LLC focuses on evaluation, engagement, leadership, and care. We will offer personal and professional growth opportunities to social change leaders of all types -- artists, activists, evaluators, community organizers, funders, and non-profit leaders.


Teaching: In-person and on-line workshops and courses. The primary goals of the teaching are content delivery, skill-building, and capacity-building.

Coaching: One-on-one and organizational coaching support. The primary goal of coaching is to support your arts-based principles-focused leadership.

Convening: Events that convene people around specific topics, challenges, and possibilities. The primary goals of the summits are connection, learning, reflection, writing, and creativity.

Publishing: Books, toolkits, journals, artwork and other pieces that support the work of CE&E. The first three books will be Creative Evaluation, Volume 3, a book of essays the explore the guiding principles, and a book about arts-based evaluation.


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Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles (still undergoing the creative process) tell you what we do to bring about the world we all deserve.

Be & Become

Connect with ourselves and each other in the spirit of love, discovery, and exploration. Recognize that simply being with awareness and presence is an important part of becoming. Commit to a journey of being and becoming whole, healing the trauma of past and present injustices.

Disrupt & Liberate

Create opportunities to listen to each other openly and without fear. Acknowledge, respect and celebrate difference(s) and commonalities. Collectively, lovingly and courageously working vigorously for freedom and justice for all people.

Learn & Unlearn

Probe, question, explore, and engage in dialogue to developing a fuller, more three-dimensional view of reality in the process. Identify and take action on areas for learning and un-learning for healthy growth and transformation.

Remember & Create

Bring together people with different ways knowing and being. Hold creative tension and use the creative process to co-create a vision for the future, starting with an honest remembering and understanding of the past and truthful assessment of the present.