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Collective change begins with you, and requires teamwork and cohesion. We can help you and your team develop a common vision and guiding principles, and then embody your ideas throughout your organization and social change work.


Creative Evaluation and Engagement (CE&E) weaves together developmental evaluation, principles-focused evaluation, and arts-based methods. CE&E honors relationships, complexity, and many ways of knowing, in pursuit of social justice and healing.


Learn with us. Explore Creative Evaluation and Engagement at your own pace or in a group. Join one of our self-paced online courses, or book group, or the next CE&E Cohort.



Guiding Principles

We offer principles-driven coaching, consulting, and evaluation services because we believe in it's power and it's rightness. When the world feels upside-down, the work feels urgent, and the path forward is uncertain, we need a guiding light to act as our northstar. Principles are our values translated into action and if we keep returning to what we believe in at our core, we can't get lost. 

Inspire to Change LLC and our first initiative, Creative Evaluation & Engagement, share the guiding principles of Be & Become, Disrupt & Liberate, Learn & Unlearn, and Remember & Create.

Our Team

We're proud of our team. We are committed to coaching, and supporting social change leaders engaged in personal and professional development, evaluation, and learning. We aspire to build a web of support that is restorative and inspiring, both personally and professionally, and centering individual work inside collective work.

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