Where in the World? Wendy Morris

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2019

The Inspire to Change team is busy this November! Below we highlight Wendy C. Morris, Director of Strategy and Foresight, in our "Where in the World" mini-series.

This month Wnedy is at the American Evaluation Association conference. In addition to contributing to the Creative Evaluation pre-conference session with Inspire-to-Change, Wendy will co-lead a demonstration session on Future Scenarios and the Implications for Evaluation with colleagues from the Human Systems Dynamics network 

Wendy then heads to Los Angeles for the launch of National Arts Strategies Leadership Coaching cohort, a year-long program in collaboration with Neighborworks America that prepares experienced arts and culture leaders to strengthen and diversify the arts and culture ecosystem nationally and globally through coaching practice. This pilot is funded by Barr Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Kresge Foundation. 

In December, Wendy will be in London...

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Position Descriptions: Starting With Poetry by Nora Murphy Johnson

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2019

As an infant company, we're in the process of developing our structure, roles, and position descriptions. Sandy Agustin led our team through an "I am" poetry writing exercise, creating the time and space for us to imagine our ideal positions. It was touching and inspiring to hear each other's poems, to understand the gifts each of us brings to the table, and the change we want to be a part of in the world.

There will be time to write traditional position descriptions. I have no doubt that they will be more creative, robust, and inspiring because we started from the heart. Because we started with a creative process.

Below is my "I am" poem, my vision as president co-owner of the company.




I am. By Nora Murphy Johnson

I am

opening spaces and opportunities

holding a vision that has energy


I am shining my light and helping others shine their light.

I am inspiring and inspired.

I am connected and build connections.

I am fierce.


I am bringing...

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Remembering: An Inspire to Change Harvest Poem

#remember Oct 14, 2019

This harvest poem from the Inspire to Change gathering on Aug. 2, 2019, captures the essence of our pre-launch planning with our trusted friends and colleagues. 


Again and again

Regenerating, again

Retiring…a whole new set of all-weather radials

Reversing into flow

Respecting what was and still is of value

Remembering what’s been pulled apart

Restoring to bring old wisdom into new contexts

Reorienting sheer will toward shared ways

Reminding to let the soul drive our days

Releasing into gentleness

Reorganizing for creative freedom

Relating – body, soul, and mind

Rewriting with two-eyed seeing

Reclaiming words through their living

Regifting what’s been given

Reconditioning to stop on each terrace, noticing life

Reflecting on the questions that call us back

Retreating in one another, always

Refreshing colors dulled by weight

Rehearsing in emergence to recreate experience

Recircling around fire

Reacknowledging the land

Reviving through...

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Stolen Childhoods

Stolen Childhoods is one of the best radio documentaries you'll hear this year. Take an hour and listen to this amazing work by our friend Melissa Olson.

"America's attempt to separate Native children from their families didn't end with boarding schools. In the decades after World War II, the U.S. government created the Indian Adoption Project, an effort designed to place Native kids with white parents. In this one-hour documentary, producer Melissa Olson explores the personal and historical impact of this policy."

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Transformative, Resilient Realities

We chose this quote for #Be&Become Tuesday because it's both hopeful and active, and calls on both the individual and the collective. Together we can become make audacious dreams happen. But let's give each ourselves and each other grace and rest along the way.



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Labor Day Week: Laboring to Make Evaluation More Welcoming, Equitable, and Inclusive

See the original post on the AEA365 blog: https://aea365.org/blog/labor-day-week-laboring-to-make-evaluation-more-welcoming-equitable-and-inclusive-by-nora-murphy-johnson/

I’m Nora Murphy Johnson, CEO of Inspire to Change. In my role as co-curator of this week’s post on the labor of evaluation, I dug deep into Robert Ingle Service Award archives. What did I learn? I learned that the evaluation profession is shaped by members who hold a vision for what evaluation could be, and use their energies, voice, and power to make that vision a reality. Often, this centers on building a professional community that is more welcoming, equitable, and inclusive. They argue that these qualities are essential to evaluation use and rigor.

These four award winners demonstrate how people can work towards a community and practice that is more welcoming, equitable, and inclusive.

Molly Engle, 2009

Molly Engle focused on community-based evaluations, using what she learned...

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Contribution, Leadership, and Renewal: Perspective from a Path Less Traveled

See the original post on the AEA365 blog: https://aea365.org/blog/contribution-leadership-and-renewal-perspective-from-a-path-less-traveled-by-a-rafael-johnson/

My name is A. Rafael Johnson, Director of Creative Evaluation and Engagement, an initiative of Inspire to Change. I’m a novelist, and I’d like to tell you a story of how I came to be an evaluator without training as an evaluator.

In 2010 I taught yoga to a blind orphan in Liberia. I’d arrived as a USAID subcontractor. My NGO was charged with helping rebuild the education system after the end of their long civil war. I reduced the national student:textbook ratio from 5 students per textbook to 4, taught classes of former refugees and combatants, and created a service-learning program. All of this went into the quarterly M&E reports. But in my off-hours, I also worked to get homeless former child soldiers to attend a literacy program, helped college staff learn to...

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Inspired Beginnings

#announcement #nmj Aug 23, 2019
Dear friends, family, and colleagues:
I posted a few weeks ago on social media that I wanted to do soul-driven social change work as a teacher and a healer. So what does that mean to me?
I want to do work that is whole and driven by love, that can help others experience wholeness and love. These might sound like soft ideas. Easy ideas. Frivolous ideas. But they aren’t. For some of us, choosing love over fear is hard. Choosing love over hate is hard. Believing that we are worthy of love just because we exist is hard. Loving ourselves unconditionally is hard. For some of us, it’s easier to fragment ourselves than to feel shame and disappointment. It’s hard to heal traumas from the past, and traumas that are still happening. It’s hard to show our full selves knowing that we might be rejected.
I want to do work that treats the personal and professional as inter-related and entangled. Yes, healthy...
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Podcast Interview with Nora Murphy Johnson on KFAI Radio

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2019

Nora Murphy Johnson is a founding member of Inspire to Change and TerraLuna Collaborative, as well as co-founder of the Developmental Evaluation Institute. Nora and host Melissa Olson spoke for the better part of the hour about how evaluation is a critical resource for organizations who are ready to make lasting social change. Tune in to Sanctuary, Arts & Activism heard only KFAI 90.3 Fresh Air Radio on Mondays at 1pm.

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Podcast Interview with A. Rafael Johnson on KFAI Radio

#a.rafael #media #podcast Aug 09, 2019

Thank you, Melissa Olson, of KAFI Fresh Air Radio. She interviewed A. Rafael Johnson on her show Sanctuary, Arts and Activism.

Did you love it? Want to hear more of Melissa's fabulous show? Tune in to Sanctuary at 1 pm, Mondays on KFAI Fresh Air Radio. Sanctuary can also be streamed on KFAI.org. Thanks for listening!

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