Sandy Agustin’s Corner Conversations: “Wish 4 Lake Street”

Sandy Agustin, the Director of Creative Engagement at Inspire to Change, took part in a Zoom screening of Lake Street Story Circles through Pangaea World Theatre on October 16, 2020. The Lake Street Story Circles Project brings together ten artists with histories around Lake Street in Minneapolis to create original performances about life, spirit, relationships, politics, history, and survival. While previous story circles have been performed live at Pangaea, the Covid-19 pandemic called for extra creativity in making the artists’ work accessible using a Zoom format. 


Sandy rose to the challenge with her work, “Corner Conversations: Wish 4 Lake Street.” Heartbroken over the burned-out ruins on Lake Street from the uprisings after George Floyd’s murder, she found a creative way to engage people in conversations about the area she grew up in and has loved for many years. She set up a table at three different times and in three different locations...

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