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Our Practice

At Inspire to Change our holistic approach to practice is directed by our mission and vision, guiding principles, and focus areas. In addition, we not only acknowledge, but embrace that our practice also requires us to recognize and share our assumptions, viewpoints, and values. 

We also believe that sharing our assumptions, viewpoints, and values helps us and those with whom we work move closer to our aspiration toward transformational change. 

Our Assumptions

Our approach and body of work is based on the following understandings about people and transformative change:

  • People are multifaceted, encompassing heart, mind, body, and spirit. This complexity suggests that any approach to change must address the full spectrum of human experience.

  • Individuals are deeply social beings, living in communities that are complex networks. These networks function on multiple levels and are characterized by non-linear interactions and emergent properties.

  • Relationships are the core of individual and community health, functioning as the primary medium through which change occurs. This acknowledges the dynamic feedback loops within social systems where relationships evolve and shape individual and collective experiences.

  • We acknowledge the deep-rooted influence of white supremacy, colonialism, and other forms of oppression in creating structural and systemic inequalities. These systems exhibit complex adaptive behaviors, meaning that efforts to address them must be multi-layered and adaptive.

  • Art is recognized as a powerful means to unlock and engage the full range of human experience. It operates in a complex domain, allowing for the expression and exploration of non-linear, emergent ideas and emotions that can inspire transformative change.

What This Looks Like In Practice

While these bodies of work look different, they share many practices in common. Across all work,
we aspire to:


  1. Empower Purpose-Driven Change: Actively support individuals who are guided by purpose and principles, fostering their growth as catalysts for personal, social, and environmental transformation.

  2. Embrace Holistic Awareness: Live and act with a conscious understanding of the wholeness and interconnectedness of all living systems, recognizing that every action has a broader impact.

  3. Nurture Holistic Wellbeing: Commit to cultivating the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, organizations, societies, and the environment, acknowledging their interrelated nature.

  4. Artistic Expression as a Tool and Goal: Employ artistic expression as a dynamic tool for change and as a valuable outcome in itself, recognizing its power in both processes and results.

  5. Foster Unity and Connection: Work towards breaking down barriers that create separation, while nurturing the interconnections and interdependencies that bind us together.

  6. Continuous Alignment and Growth: Engage in an ongoing process of aligning actions with values, learning from experiences, adapting strategies, and fully embodying the principles of change.

  7. Pursue Transformative Possibilities: Move steadily from one adjacent possibility to another, always keeping an eye on the transformative vision that guides the journey.

  8. Inspire and Be Inspired: Strive to not only inspire change in others, but also to be continually inspired by the evolving landscape of social change.

  9. Walk Our Talk: Commit to 'walking the talk' by consistently living out the values and principles that Inspire to Change stands for.


Our Intended Impacts

We are not quiet, objective, distant observers. We have a point of view, deeply held values, and specific hopes for the impact of our collaborative work with partners and clients. These are to:


1. Empower Holistic Individual Growth: Foster the development of individuals who are not only aware of their multifaceted nature – heart, mind, body, and spirit – but also capable of integrating these aspects into their roles as changemakers, thereby enhancing personal and collective well-being.


2. Strengthen Community Networks: Enhance the health and resilience of communities by emphasizing the importance of social interconnectedness and the complex networks within which individuals operate, fostering stronger, more adaptive community systems.


3. Cultivate Healthy, Dynamic Relationships: Focus on strengthening relationships as the core of individual and community health. This includes transforming the way people interact, communicate, and resolve conflicts, thereby creating more robust and supportive social structures.


4. Address Systemic Inequalities: Actively work towards dismantling structural and systemic inequalities rooted in white supremacy, colonialism, and other forms of oppression. This involves implementing multi-layered, adaptive strategies that acknowledge and address the complexity of these systems.


5. Leverage Artistic Expression for Change: Utilize art as a tool for engaging the full range of human experience, fostering creative expression, and inspiring transformative change. This recognizes art's unique ability to convey complex, emergent ideas and emotions.

6. Promote Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Encourage a culture of continuous learning, alignment, and adaptation, both within Inspire to Change and among those it serves. This involves embracing change, exploring adjacent possibilities, and consistently aligning actions with evolving principles and values.

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