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Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission and Vision

We help changemakers center inquiry and wellbeing in their work toward whole, beautiful, and liberated realities through online community, coaching, and consulting.

Stars of guiding principles

Our Guiding


We are a principles-driven organization. Our guiding principles of be & become, remember & create, learn & unlearn, disrupt & liberate, are our core values translated into actionable statements. They focus our thinking, inform our decisions, and direct our actions.

Our Focus Areas

Inspire to Change is dedicated to driving transformative social change through innovative concepts and tools, embodied in four focus areas.


Aligning in Complexity

The "Tree of Alignment" provides a framework with eight interdependent levels for designing and evaluating collaborative strategies, emphasizing the complexity of changing ecosystems.

Restoring Connection

"Restorative Practices" are offered to constructively navigate conflicts, transforming them into opportunities for healthy, generative discussions. 

Facilitating Transformation

The "Changemaker Roles" concept identifies twenty-two distinct roles crucial in societal dynamics, aiding individuals in discovering and effectively performing their natural roles while promoting wellbeing and collaboration. 

Centering Inquiry

The "Research and Evaluation" aspect highlights the importance of evidence-based practices in shaping effective strategies for social transformation. 

These components collectively reflect Inspire to Change's holistic approach, acknowledging the interconnectedness of inner wellbeing, societal dynamics, and the significance of strategic, informed actions in effecting transformative change.

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