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Join our community of purpose-driven individuals and organizations committed to creating a more just, beautiful, and liberated world. We currently offer online self-paced courses. Each of these classes let you move through the content in your own time!

Duration: You decide

Class Size: Anyone can join at any time

Effort: 5-10 hours total

Format: 100% Online

Model: Individual reading and reflection; self-paced video content

Price: Varies

Online Self-Paced Classes

Catalyzing Change Series

Are you ready to embark on a journey of personal and collective transformation? Inspire to Change proudly presents the Catalyzing Change Series, a groundbreaking collection of courses designed to empower changemakers like you to drive positive impact in your communities and beyond. 


Start your journey with Inspire to Change's Catalyzing Change Series today! Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference.

Course 1 - Catalyzing Change: Beyond Business

Dive into the heart of changemaking with our FREE introductory course. Explore the principles that go beyond profit, learn the art of creating meaningful change, and discover your unique role in catalyzing transformation.

Course 2 - Catalyzing Change: A Vision

Craft a clear, aspirational vision for a better world. Unleash your creativity, ignite your passion, and align your goals with purpose-driven changemakers from around the globe.

Course 3 - Catalyzing Change: A Theory of Engagement

Unlock the power of transformative theories. Develop a deep understanding of change dynamics, embrace complexity, and create pathways for lasting impact.

Course 4 - Catalyzing Change: Arts and Scholarship

Discover the art and scholarship that are foundational to our approach to transformative change. Explore the intersection of creativity, academia, and activism, and harness these forces to drive social justice and equity.

Coming Soon!

Creative Evaluation & Engagement Series

The Creative Evaluation & Engagement Series is a comprehensive approach to developmental evaluation, principles-focused evaluation, and arts-based methods. It is designed to honor relationships, complexity, and diverse perspectives in order to promote social justice and healing.


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