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Core Services


Our approach to cohort learning is centered around creating a collaborative and dynamic experience that significantly contributes to both personal and professional development. We cherish the cohort model for its ability to build a strong sense of community among participants, fostering engagement and a feeling of belonging. Cohort communities thrive on diverse perspectives, with members from various backgrounds contributing different experiences and viewpoints, enriching discussions and deepening understanding. Support and encouragement within the cohort are pivotal, as members motivate each other and help overcome individual challenges.


A key aspect of our cohort model is the mutual accountability it fosters, keeping everyone invested in each other's progress. Additionally, we emphasize the real-world application of theoretical concepts, a process greatly enhanced by the diverse experiences of our cohort members. This blend of community, diversity, support, accountability, and practical application defines our unique and impactful approach to cohort learning.


Inspire to Change adopts a unique coaching approach, emphasizing purpose-driven navigation and self-discovery rather than conventional performance improvement. Our vision of creating more whole, beautiful, and liberated realities is realized through fostering self-awareness, inner wholeness, and emotional intelligence in and among changemakers.


Our coaching services, which include individual, group, and team coaching, focus on embracing one's complete self, integrating fragmented aspects of personality, and aligning personal wellbeing with professional actions. This approach enhances skills in reflection, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence, aiming to inspire personal and organizational growth and effectiveness.


At Inspire to Change, we consider ourselves lifelong learners and lifelong teachers, sharing in both whenever we can. Providing courses to our changemaking community is one of the ways that we work toward our mission and vision.  We currently offer online self-paced courses. Each of these classes let you move through the content in your own time!


We take care in our curriculum planning for these online classes so that we are providing you with pertinent information, theories, and models that you can apply to any facet of your life - whether that be at home or at work. Our course offerings are always changing and our online course catalog is always growing. Join our email list to keep up with our offerings. You can also click below to see what we have scheduled now.


As consultants, we embody a multifaceted role that includes being a coach, cheerleader, critical friend, co-conspirator, and thought partner. At times, we are also recognized as researchers, evaluators, strategic planners, restorative practitioners, or mentors.


Our focus areas—supporting changemakers, the Tree of Alignment, restorative practices, and evidence-based research—form the foundation of our services. We aim to empower changemakers to create impactful, lasting changes for a more whole, beautiful, and liberated reality. Specializing in the design and evaluation of transformative initiatives, we employ our unique 'Tree of Alignment' framework—our theory of engagement—to ensure comprehensive coherence and integration in every project aspect.


This approach is enhanced by our dedication to restorative practices, where we create environments conducive to learning and growth through understanding and reconciliation. Our commitment extends to meticulous research and evaluation, guaranteeing a deep and clear understanding of the impact and effectiveness of these initiatives.


Nora F. Murphy Johnson, PhD, the co-founder, co-owner, and president of our Inspire to Change, is available for speaking engagements. Dr. Murphy Johnson, a renowned expert in evaluation and transformative change, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her presentations. She offers insightful, inspiring talks on a range of topics, including changemaking, the power of alignment in organizational and personal growth, and the implementation of restorative practices in various settings. Her engaging speaking style, combined with her deep understanding of these subjects, makes her an ideal speaker for conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Those interested in having Dr. Murphy Johnson speak at their event are encouraged to reach out for more information and booking details.

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