Eval Cafe Episode 32: Evaluation Games With Friends

“What does evaluation offer and what does evaluation need in times of great uncertainty and injustice?” Nora Murphy Johnson and A. Rafael Johnson from Inspire to Change and Chris Corrigan from Harvest Moon Consulting talk about certainty and uncertainty, arts-based evaluation, transformation, and grant cycles. 


Eval Cafe Episode 32

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Eval Cafe Episode 25: Makin’ It in Evaluation

A. Rafael Johnson talks about arts-based evaluation and bringing creativity into our evaluation practice. We learn about how Andy has brought poetry, theatre, kinetic sculpture and more into his evaluation methodology, how being a novelist helps him and his clients understand and work in complexity.

Eval Cafe Episode 25

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Eval Cafe Episode 21: Evaluating From The Heart

Nora talks about evaluation for healing and change, evaluation as sacred work and a noble calling, and the original Creative Evaluation Cohort. This episode includes a discussion centered around the death of a young child, as well as the effects of systematic racism.


Eval Cafe Episode 21


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