Developing evidence-based principles: Helping Youth Overcome Homelessness by Nora F. Murphy Johnson

#howto #principles Feb 21, 2020

Developing evidence-based principles is an emerging approach that is in contrast to the more traditional method of developing evidence-based best practices. Evidence-based practices and evidence-based principles make different assumptions. Best practice models assume that there is a best way to do things, regardless of context. Effective principles provide guidance for effective action in the face of complexity (Patton, 2010). They assume that while elements of the work are shared, there will necessarily be adaptations across settings and contexts.

People ask me, "How do you develop effective and evidence-based guiding principles?" There are many starting places, ending places, and paths in between. Here is one example.


The Setting

The Otto Bremer Foundation's Youth Homelessness Initiative was a commitment by the Otto Bremer Foundation to fund six agencies (three emergency shelters, two youth opportunity drop-in centers, and one street outreach organization) in support of...

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