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Framework: Togetherness Practice
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Today, more than ever, we need each other. Not just to co-create bold ideas that will support and protect this planet and all forms of life it holds. Not just to heal the wounds of our shared history and find better ways forward.  We need to do these things, AND we also need each other to manifest the truth, beauty, and goodness we carry in our essence!

The Togetherness Practice is a framework and a practice that is designed to unlock the potential of our shared humanity. Developed through a research process over two years, the Togetherness Practice shares the ‘inner capacities, outer conditions, and relational fields’ we need to create as educators to support our students to thrive in a world of rapid change by being changemakers. Through simple practices that can be tailored to fit the interests of each group, the Togetherness Practice helps people reset their inner state and re-engage more generatively. With a new way to bring their gifts and perspectives together, teams can navigate challenges more effectively and stay on course toward a shared purpose.

Over time, the Togetherness Practice fosters a new way of ‘being’ in teams and the world: A way of being with each other where generosity, kindness, and respect are the norm. A way of being where schools foster a culture of trust, belonging and well-being.

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