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Builders: Building tangible realities from intangible and visionary plans

In this blog series, we’ll dive into the 22 changemaker roles. Each of these roles plays a part in driving transformation and working towards a just world in their unique way. We share them to help you discover your own role as a changemaker because supporting changemakers around the globe means creating a more whole, beautiful, and just world.

When it comes to transformative visions of a better world into reality, there’s one type of changemaker who can make it happen.


These individuals love problem-solving and don’t see hurdles as setbacks but as challenges to be tackled. If you go to them with an idea that will solve a social issue, they’ll not only build itbut ensure it meets and exceeds expectations.

These practical, determined changemakers are known as builders.

About the Builder

Builders have a strong drive to create and construct. In change work, they are the engine that drives ideas from the realm of imagination to reality. They don’t just build anything—but solutions that better the world in all kinds of forms, such as physical structures, systems, and organizations.

Builders possess an admirable dedication to their work, persistently ensuring the successful completion of their projects. They thrive when they have a team to support them and truly shine as leaders when inspiring their team toward a project's vision.

Planning is another one of their strengths. They can anticipate potential issues and promptly devise strategies to prevent them. With a knack for organization, they seamlessly align resources, materials, and labor to guarantee that projects progress without a hitch, adhering to timelines and budgets. Effective delegation, ongoing guidance, and support for their team further highlight their role as leaders. They’re also excellent communicators—clearly articulating thoughts and ideas and ensuring others understand their visions.

Inner Work for the Builder

As with all changemakers, for builders to make real, transformative change, they must practice their inner work over time.

Builders are dedicated to turning ideas into tangible realities and can often intertwine their self-worth with their creations. This emotional connection can make them sensitive to criticism or flaws in their projects. While passion and dedication are commendable, builders should focus on developing emotional detachment for their inner work.

Emotional detachment is the ability to distance oneself from their creations, maintaining a degree of objectivity and avoiding being overly influenced by emotions. It involves not letting emotions control one’s thoughts and actions, allowing for a more rational and balanced perspective.

This doesn't mean a lack of care or diligence but rather an understanding that constructive feedback serves the larger vision, not a critique of the individual. By focusing on emotional detachment, builders can enjoy a healthier relationship with their projects.


Let’s recognize, celebrate, and support the builders among us because they are the changemakers who build visions of a better world into reality.


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